International Steering Committee

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International Steering Committee

Don Tan, Co-Chair, Past Division II Director
E2 Systems, USA

Damir Novosel, Co-Chair, PES Past President
Quanta Tech, USA

Frede Blaabjerg, PELS President
Aalborg University, Denmark

Liuchen Chang, PELS Vice President Conferences
University of New Brunswick, Canada

Wayne Bishop, PES Vice President Meetings
Omicron Energy, USA

Alan Mantooth, PELS Past President
Arkansas University, USA

Dushan Boroyevich
Virginia Polytechnic University, USA

lqbal Husain
North Carolina State University, USA

Farid Katiraei
Quanta Technology, USA

Nirmal Nair
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Ryan Quint
North America Electric Reliability Corporation, USA

Guangfu Tang, General Chair 2019
Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, China

Rik De Doncker, General Chair 2020
RWTH Aachen University, E.ON ERC, Germany

S. Cat Wong, General Chair 2021
Entergy Corporation, USA