Interconnecting MV and LVDC Grid

Interconnecting MV and LVDC Grid 2020-10-27T15:14:49+00:00

Interconnecting MV and LVDC Grid


The existing energy grid needs to be updated to deal with the increase penetration of distributed energy sources, often renewables (wind, photovoltaic, fuel cell,…), together with new loads (electric vehicles). With the recent development of power converter topologies using efficient, reliable and low-cost components, medium voltage DC (MVDC) is today considered as the best choice for the interconnection and the supply of various of DC loads and the LVDC grid compared to its MVAC counterparts.
After a brief introduction of the distribution grid, this statement will describe the different power converter topologies that enable the connection of the MVDC grid to the LVDC grid, loads of different power and voltage levels with high efficiency, low weight and size and bidirectional power flow. Furthermore, the power semiconductors available for those converters will be presented. Finally, challenges and conclusions will be given.




Dr. Nadine Chapalain

(Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe)